Aphinity is the all-in one app for all of your social logistics

Coordinate Meetups

With the live map, you can share location to make meeting up with friends easier

Social Logistics

Know when friends arrive at a certain location, or when someone's on their way

Meet Others Nearby

See what interests you have in common with the people around you


Explore New Events

See interesting events happening on the map in real-time

Check Out What's Popular

Attendance metrics show you how popular events are, and who's going

Create Your Own Events

Want to make some other plans? Create your own event for free!


Discover New People and Groups

Aphinity matches you with others by taking your interests into account. Using an algorithm, you are introduced to people and groups that will be a great fit

Shared Interests

The basis of any connection is to have something in common. By filling out your interests, you get to see others that have similar interest and experiences


What good is it matching with people hundreds of miles away? With Aphinity, you get to see people that are nearby -- making regular meetups very practical


Customizable filters based on age, distance, and specific interests help you narrow down the most compatible connections

Discover Groups

Aside from individuals, you can also see public groups centered around specific interests and join them


Huge focus is placed on privacy. Chats are secured with end-to-end encryption for security

Voice Chat

With Aphinity Messenger, you can enter a voice call to stay in-touch with group members in real-time

Documents & Photos

Documents and multi-media can be sent through chat. Great for waivers and sign-up forms

Extra Features

Added features for social logistics -- create voting polls, or set up an interactive calendar to gauge when others are free

The Superior Group Communication Platform

With all these advantages, it's clear that Aphinity works better for groups than any other alternatives



Check out the demonstration of the Aphinity app in the video below

Whether You Are Looking for New Groups...

Aphinity can help you find the perfect fit for groups based on your interests, and match you up with other similar people


...Or Already Have Groups of Your Own

Aphinity makes it easy to manage group logistics for events and meetups. Perfect for sports teams, clubs, organizations, and all sorts of affinity groups.


Support the Aphinity Project

Aphinity has officially launched and is available for download on Android and iOS. For business inquiries, contact us at contact@aphinityapp.com